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in shock. >> it's devastating, tragic. >> the world renowned olympian oscar pistorius has been charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend. >> for a week, the world has watched the triumphant story of oscar pistorius turned to tragedy. just last summer, this was oscar pistorius. the first amputee ever to compete in the olympic games. and a source of enormous pride for a sports-crazed nation. today, a totally different scene. >> yesterday we called him a hero. some people say he should just be put to the the sword. >> a flood of confusing details. >> the neighbors did hear gunshots. >> she died in his arms. >> but everyone agrees on a simple tragic fact. on valentine's day, oscar pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend reeva steenkamp, leaving a family without their daughter and a nation without its hero. >> hello, i'm randi kaye, welcome to this special hour of "anderson cooper 360." millions of people around the world have been asking questions, arguing the evidence, riveted by every detail since that killing. those details emerged in sharp relief during a four-day court proce
oscar pistorius. i talk to the people who knew him the best. >> he's an icon. he will always be known as the blade runner. >> where does the case go from here? i debate it with gloria alred. >>> who walks away with the gold guy? i'll be on the red carpet before and after the show and tonight i'll give you my picks for hollywood's biggest night. this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> eight days after shooting reena steenkamp, oscar pistorius is released on bail tonight. his home is a crime scene and he's barred from going back there. he must also surrender his guns. the murder is thinking this is a clear victory. we have the latest. it was a dramatic day in court today. i was watching as you were for the two hours that the magistrate went through, i guess, the arguments everyone around the world has been having with themselves and others. in the end, he led oscar pistorius go. what's the significance of pistorius getting bail at this stage? >> i don't think it surprised the legal experts. i've been getting opinions and most people thought he would get bail and i'll tell you why. in a way
't establish in any clear direction whether oscar pistorius, the blade return, shot reeva steenkamp dead after a loud, long argument or whether it was a horrific accident. tonight, for the first time anywhere, the victim's brother, adam, says that he and the family are no less confounded, no less torn. our conversation just ahead. first, pretoria, south africa, and day two of a bail hearing that's playing out more like a complete trial. robyn curnow reports. >> reporter: a police van takes oscar pistorius back to his cell where he'll be spending his seventh night behind bar. the south african's athlete's uncle says he's struggling emotionally. >> he's grieving and i don't expect him to get over it even soon. so he's still in an emotionally tough time. >> reporter: in court, meanwhile at pistorius's bail hearing, more riveting details about what prosecutors say happened on valentine's day, when pistorius shot his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. it was a version of events counted vigorously by his defense team. prosecutors say witnesses heard arguments coming from the pistorius home for an hour bef
. >>> and a new twist in the oscar pistorius murder case. the lead investigator is now facing attempted murder charges. captioning funded by cbs is now facing attempted murder charges. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, february 21st, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well this morning a major winter storm packing heavy snow is moving into the nation's heartland. at least 15 states are under a winter watch or advisory, and tens of millions of people are in the storm's path. some areas can expect more than a foot of snow. heavy snow is already falling in kansas. state offices there will be closed until tomorrow morning. residents have been urged to stay off the roads. near tucson, arizona, the world golf championship match play event was suspended due to a freak snowstorm. blizzard warnings were posted in parts of the state. some areas of phoenix got two inches of snow. and the snow hitting the midwest is already being blamed for one death, a highway accident in oklahoma. cbs news weather consultant david
against oscar pistorius and the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. thanks for watching. "piers morgan tonight" starts right now. >>> tonight freedom for the blade runner. >> i have come to the conclusion that the accused has made a case to be released on bail. we know oscar's version of what happened that tragic night and we know that that is the truth. >> what does the decision say about the charges against oscar pistorius. i talk to the people who knew him the best. >> he's an icon. he will always be known as the blade runner. >> where does the case go from here? i debate it with gloria alred. >>> who walks away with the gold guy? i'll be on the red carpet before and after the show and tonight i'll give you my picks for hollywood's biggest night. this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> eight days after shooting reena steenkamp, oscar pistorius is released on bail tonight. his home is a crime scene and he's barred from going back there. he must also surrender his guns. the murder is thinking this is a clear victory. we have the latest. it was a dramatic day in court today. i was w
pistorius? i'll ask the man. plus, an exclusive and emotional interview for someone who knew reeva steenkamp better than most. >> we spoke intimately about all parts of her life. >> what her cousin says about the woman gunned down by pistorius. >> i believe reeva's life and her death is not in vein. >>> also, a debate about guns and women. >> so, jill, if there's ever a problem, put that double barrel shotgun and fired two blasts outside the house. >> where do you draw the line of self-defense? and american tragedy. a close friend of nancy lanza opens bup her life of guns and her son, seasoned hook killer adam lanza. this is piers morgan tonight. >>> right now oscar pistorius is in a jail cell. today from the chaotic courtroom the defense slammed the government's case and what experts call a key victory for the blade runner who is accused of intentionally killing reeva steenkamp, his model girlfriend. in a moment i'll talk to reeva's cousin, who is as close to her as a sister. cnn's robin in johannesburg with the latest on this sensational murder case. this case is now gripping the whole wor
to be friday morning. i'm david bernard, cbs news, miami. >>> overseas to the third day of oscar pistorius's bail murder hearing, but it may have been undermined. the lead investigator faces attempted murder charges himself and the prosecution admits it has no evidence challenging pistorius's story that he shot his girlfriend by accident. tina kraus reports from london. >> reporter: a police van took oscar pistorius back to court for what could be the final day of bail hearing to determine his fate. family members carried the athlete's clothes from a police station where pistorius spent his seventh night in jail for the alleged premeditated murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. in a dramatic twist to the case south african police revealed the man leading the investigation is facing several attempted murder charges. chief detective hilton botha who took the stand yesterday is accused of shooting at a mini bus full of people in 2011. pistorius's defense lawyers say he botched the investigation into steenkamp's death. they blame him for contaminating the crime scene
city. >>> in south africa, it's looking like decision day for oscar pistorius. a judge is likely to rule today if the former olympic star will be released on bail pending a murder trial. he's back in court after a fourth day of hearings after a week full of allegations and twists. nbc's jim maceda joins us from london. what can we expect today? >> reporter: hi. the judge who is overseeing this bail hearing said he'll make an announcement very soon, probably within 30 to 45 minutes if s osr put pistons, the sprinter known to the world as the blade runner will be free on bail or will he stay in jail until that trial which could take months. both sides, the prosecution and defense have rested their case after four days that have seen a real momentum shift in pistorius' favor especially after yesterday's bombshell when we learned that the lead investigator laying out the case actually against pistorius is himself facing seven charges of attempted murder. the defense had already at that point forced the investigator to back down on many points even admitting pistorius' story is plausi
said yes to bail for oscar pistorius, the paralympic star accused of murdering his girlfriend. >> the man known as the blade runner was forced to post $113,000, and over his passport, and turn over his gun collection to police. >> pistorius and his attorneys have three months to put together a defense. >> oscar pistorius was braced for the worst as he entered court, but his defense did a good job after he revealed mistakes in the prosecution case, the judge ruled that pistorius could go free on bail. no cameras were allowed in the courtroom while the decision was read. the olympics are stood in silence as the announcement was made -- the olympic star. supporters applauded the ruling. >> although we obviously are relieved that oscar has been granted bail, this is still a very sad time for the family of reeva and for us all. we are grateful that the magistrate recognized the validity and the strength of our application. as the family, we are convinced that oscars version of what happened on that terrible night will be proved to be true. >> the prosecution says pistorius is a fli
. you're watching gmt on "bbc world news" world news. i'm dana. our top stories. oscar pistorius on the second day of his bail hearing. police they they found testosterone and needles and unlicensed things at his home. his girlfriend was found wearing a vest and shorts. the latest from pretoria. event a alled an deeply shameful event. >> and global soccer teams feet in asia to work out ways of tackling the corruption that affects every continent where the game is played. also in the program jamie takes a look at what's happening in business and trouble down the mines. >> yes. the world's biggest mining companies all losing chief executives. b.h.p. falling hard on the heels of xstrata and others. why have they all decided it's time for a change? >> it's 12:00 noon here in london. 7:00 a.m. in washington and 2:00 in the afternoon in the south african capital of pretoria where the prosecution at the bail hearing of oscar pistorius have been setting out their case against him. court one detective described how a witness explained non-stop shouting between oscar pistorius and his gir
pistorius faces a judge. will he get bail or will he be forced to stay in jail? >>> president obama talks gop leaders while keeping an eye on gun control. >>> las vegas police search for a shooter. what you should never, ever do while on a ski lift. and who will win the oscars this weekend. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, february 22nd, 2013. >>> good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. states of emergency were declared across the midwest as snow poured down thanks to a powerful and deadly winter storm that's now crawling east. the storm is expected to hit the upper midwest by this morning as it swirls north and east packing an icy wintry mix that's sure to make or treacherous travel and even more flight cancellations as we head into the weekend. nbc's jay gray has a look. >> reporter: this time-lapsed video shows kansas city being swallowed by the snow. whiteout conditions across the midwest. >> it's crazy, i wasn't expecting this. maybe around christmas but not now. >> reporter: the harsh winds and heavy snow certainly no gift for those forced
, in word on whether oscar pistorius will be set free or if he will stay in jail awaiting trail on premeditated murder. we will check back shortly to find out what is happening. >> something else, this is the end of ski week the how is the weather? >> back at home it is quiet. and live doppler 7 hd want to get you out the door and you need a coat but nothing to save you from getting wet. now, what will happen today around the bay at 7:00, 44 degrees and sunshine and a blue sky at noon and mid-50's and low 60's by 4:00 and going to be mild out there and a few high clouds but for all intents and purposes it will be dry and 53 in the evening hours and inland valleys, hard to find frost out there at 37 degrees, some of our cooler spots and around 60's so mild for lunch hour, and mostly sunny and 61 at 4:00, and we will see clouds hanging around at 7:00 and 52 degrees. at the coast we are starting off clear and temperatures in the upper 30's to mid 40's and breezy but not so much as yesterday. we will hang out in the mid-50's and we will see clouds and 47 at 7:00. sue? >> we will go
doctor. >> steve: fox news alert. the judge in oscar pistorius' bail hearing is back from a quick break and still has not ruled on whether or not to give oscar bail. the judge saying the state plans to charge pistorius with possession of unlicensed ammo, but said he was not yet convinced that the case was made for premeditated murder. earlier pistorius could be heard openly crying as the judge recounted the crime. the judge has been speaking for going on nearly two hours. brian. >> brian: the lead detective on the case is being replaced. turns out he's facing attempted murder charges. he and several other officers shot at a mini bus in 2011. he's gone. that made the case more confusing. it was fascinating to see the judge actually argue with himself for over an hour. maybe i should. maybe i shouldn't. here why i should and here is why i shouldn't. >> gretchen: sounds like he's going to give him bail because he's talking about the fact that it's circumstantial evidence. so the only person who know social security oscar himself. find out what happened. >> steve: we'll have complete covera
>>> tonight, cold-blooded murder or tragic mistake? for the first time, olympian oscar pistorius describes what happened the fateful night he gun down his model girlfriend. from a famous real house wives drama free family, the high intensity bonding game. one man's mission to uncover the secrets of happy families. >>> and america's most elite fighters stepping out of the shadows. >> they're coming in hot. >> a navy s.e.a.l. opening the doors to the secret world of the guys who took down osama bin laden. >>> in recent years, most of the stories written about oscar pistorius centered around his drive to beat the fastest runners in the world despite being born without functional legs. now all anyone cares about is what drove this olympian to shoot his girlfriend four time in the early hours of valentine's day. after being accused of premeditated murder, he released his side of the story for the first time today and abc's reporter has the details. >> reporter: it is the mysterious valentine's day shooting that has shocked the world. paralympic mega star oscar pistorius is accused of
. chip, thanks very much. the bail hearing for olympic runner oscar pistorius took a sharp turn today when his a lawyers tore into the prosecution's case. pistorius, a double amputee who pi runs on custom blades, is charged with murdering his girlfriend. he blames it was an accident an that he fired shots into his bathroom believing that a burglar was inside.side emma hurd is following the case for us in pretoria, south africa. >> reporter: the defense team for oscar pistorius went on the attack today, cross-examiningexamin the lead detective investigating th the fatal shooting of reeva de steenkamp. detective hilton botha first testified the police had a te witness that heard nonstop wi talking like shouting at the pistorius house late on the night of the shooting.he under the defense questioning, he had to admit the witness was 600 yards away. aw the prosecution's trying to prove the couple quarreled, that reeva hid in the bathroom andd any th that pistorius shot her four sho times through the door. botha also testified that the the bullets fired were angled down and fired from a d
on whether oscar pistorius will be granted bail before he goes to trial in the death of his girlfriend. >>> and chasing history. danica patrick is the first woman to grab a poll position at the daytona 500 and has her sights set on winning nascar's biggest race. >> and i always feel like i have more to proving. i feel like i have to keep earning my respect and earning my keep and showing people that i belong. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, february 22nd, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, this morning a large part of the midwest is digging out after a massive winter storm dumped up to 17 inches of snow in some areas. the storm shut down governments, schools, and transportation. travel in some areas is impossible. hundreds of flights have been canceled this morning, and at least two traffic deaths are blamed on the storm. some of the largest accumulations were in kansas where the national guard is patrolling roadways. one meteorologist said it was pouring snow there. at one point a 200-mile
in the murder case facing "blade runner" oscar pistorius with the lead investigator facing his own legal trouble, attempted murder. oscar pistorius is losing a key sponsor here in the united states. abc7 news reporter is tracking all the developments from the newsroom. >> oscar pistorius will spend another night in jail. the prosecution is now starting their closing arguments in the bail hearing and a reporter inside the south africa court says the judge will not make a decision today. if it is any indication how he is leaning the judge has been asking questions this morning about oscar pistorius prior violent behavior including firing a gun in a restaurant. the defense maintained he is not a flight risk. the lead investigator for the prosecution being charged with seven counts of attempted murder is a blow to the credibility of the premeditated murder case. he is facing those charges and is accused of shooting at a minivan in 2011 and his court appearance is scheduled for may. the prosecution is saying they didn't know about it. on "good morning america", they are saying his creditability is ke
community and ox pagesal ties of the -- occupational of the accused to the place he is tied. mr. pistorius is south african citizen. id. a professional athletic. resides at 6286 silver wood estates. he resided in the republic of south africa all his life and he frequently travels abroad to participate in international sporting events. he regards south africa as his permanent place of abode. he has not plans to relocate to anybody. he admits he has friends and family in south africa although he has friends abroad. heens immoveable property in south africa. what are the assets he has. heens i am moveable property which consists of property. immoveable property he currently resides at silver wood estates. this property is valued at approximately five million encumbered by mortgage bond in the amount of 2 million. there are two further immoveable properties with weeping willow estates, pretoria east, which properties have a combined value of approximately 1.6 million. they are bonded to the value of one million. he has a vacant land in which has approximately 1.7 million which is not bonded. h
pistorius returns to court today saying he had no intention of killing his girlfriend. as tina krause reports for wjz he shed tears at a bail hearing and prosecutors begin to lay out the murder case against him. >> reporter: paralympic sprinter oscar pistorius made a quick exit from court in south africa's capital. his relatives hugged each other for support after prosecutors described pistorius as a cold blooded killer. the track star known as the blade runner for his prosthetic leg said he shot reeva steenkamp because he thought she was a robber. during a closed court hearing pistorius cried. he felt vulnerable when he fired the fatal shots because he was not wearing his artificial legs. prosecutors say the athlete put on his prosthetics and walked across the room on a mission to kill his girlfriend after a heated valentine's day argument. they say pistorius pumped four bullets into a locked bathroom door where steenkamp was hiding. family members of the super model and law graduate held her funeral tuesday in the south african city of port eliza
to bring down a baltimore landmark. >> first oscar pistorius free on bail and waiting for trial. what is next for the former olympic athlete when we cover >> in south africa today correctional officers visited the home where oscar pistorius was taken after being released on bail. the olympic athlete charged with the murder of his girlfriend. what is next for oscar pistorius as we cover the world? >> oscar pistorius went to his uncle's house but he's not allowed to go back to his gaited mansion. he has to vender his pass ports, can't use drugs or alcohol. has to vunder his guns and has to check in with police twice a week starting monday. he might start training monday. his coach thinks training is the best thing for him right now to clear his mind. although when asked is training the last thing on his mind since losing his girlfriend the coach didn't comment. he sobbed when the judge read the ruling yesterday. he has problems with oscar pistorius's account of what happened this morning when reeva steenkamp was killed. why he ran into the danger that so terrified him. why he didn't ask
and is in the hospital. dixon is charged with attempted murder. >>> olympian oscar pistorius will sit in a jail cell for at least one more day as he awaits a hearing on murder charges. tomorrow reeva steenkemp will be laid to rest. her family is demanding answers. >> lawyers for olympian oscar pistorius will seek bail for the runner on tuesday. the double amputee has been in jail since thursday charged with murdering his girlfriend, model reeva steenkemp. her mother was quoted asking why my little girl why did he do this. pistorius's father said it was a tragic accident, that his son acted on instinct because he thought a burglar was in the house. investigators have pieced together a different scenario. police believe reeva steenkemp slept next to pistorius in his bed. she was still in her nightgown. she was shot once in the bedroom and tried to hide in the bathroom and three more shots were fired through the door, hitting her. the shooting has unleached tabloid headlines. that bat they found at the crime scene is a key piece of the investigation. >> they say she used it to try to defend herself. th
pistorius murder case. nonstop shouting leading up to the sound of gun shots, needles and what police describe as testosterone found in his bedroom. >>> triggering a massive fire in kansas city, an entire city block up in flames. this morning at least 14 people are injured as cadaver dogs search for more possible victims. >>> get ready. a major snow storm moving out of california and heading east this morning. al tells you how much to expect and when "today," wednesday, february 20th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm david gregory in again for matt this morning. we're hearing stunning testimony out of the bail hearing for oscar pistorius, such questions about what exactly happened and new question that is will be difficult for him to answer. >> it does not bode well for him, includi what a veteran detective has said about the shots of the trajectory that killed pistorius' girlfriend and
. a judge granted bail for oscar pistorius. the decision comes after hours of testimony and nine days after the blade runner shot and killed his cover model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he has been claiming all along that he thought his girlfriend was actually an intruder hiding in his bathroom. that was valentine's day. that's when the shooting happened. a tragic accident, he says. the judge said the blade runner's story has improbabilities and he questioned why pistorius couldn't determine who was hiding in the bathroom before he fired through the door. but he also criticized the former lead investigator in the case for what he called errors and blunders. and he said this story presented enough evidence that he should go free until the trial. no cameras during the announcement. so some listened to the judge's decision on a car radio outside. >> i come to the conclusion that you submitted a case to be released. >> released on bail. celebration there is, but no solace or the family of the girlfriend. one said, quote, it doesn't make any difference what happens to pistorius because nothing c
>>> this morning, oscar pistorius back in court. >> the olympian appearing before a judge, once again, said to be sobbing uncontrollably. the world watching the small courthouse, where we're learning more about that fateful night. all this on the day his girlfriend's family says their good-byes. >>> also this morning, cyber warfare. breaking overnight, invasive attacks on u.s. interests online. and now, we may know who's behind them. >>> severe storms. rough weather is in store for millions today. >>> and a daredevil with a driver's license going end-over-end in a mini cooper. >>> and good morning. we begin with breaking news. emotional, new details about the murder case against olympic runner oscar pistorius. >> those details all stem from last thursday's shooting death of pistorius' model girlfriend. they're being laid out in a small courthouse in pretoria, south africa. here's tahman bradley. >> reporter: oscar pistorius appeared in court this morning for a bail hearing. the double-amputee is charged with murdering his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp on valentine's day. >> i saw
. thanks >>> horrible drama happening right now. prosecutors say how oscar pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend through a bathroom door. >>> copycat kiter? newtown shooter adam lanza may have been trying to top another mass murderer. >>> shanghai secret revealed. chinese hackers reportly targeting the u.s. out of this 1 12-story office tower. >>> listen to this, two times two. four babies born as two sets of identical twins. chew on that for a second. >> i can't. >> you got twins. >> i have one set. >> can you imagine? four of them. >> no. >> we're going to share that story with you. it's really great. good morning. welcome to "early startstart". >>> it's tuesday, february 19th. we have to begin with dramatic news overnight. emotions overflowing in the courtroom and it's happening right now as the blade runner turned murder suspect oscar pistorius is appearing in court for a crucial hearing. pistorius has been sobbing, breaking down as his defense is angling for bail this morning. their case denying that the killing was premedicated and at one point they even argue that girlfriend re
pistorius, is about to find out whether he'll be in prison before facing trial for murder. after four days of emotional courtroom argument, it's a question which could divide south africans. what is fair treatment for oscar pistorius? italy prepares to vote, the rest of europe crosses its fingers. the center left battle it is out with berlusconi. will the result deliver stability? and two very different views of the israeli-palestinian conflict go head to head for a sought-after oscar. also in the program, jamie is here with business, looking at the eurozone. >> it looks like we're going for another year of recession. but the biggest worry is the growing divide between the two biggest economies, germany and france. germany continuing to grow, but france and italy as well as other countries sitting. >> it's noon near london and 2:00 in the afternoon in pretoria, south africa, where chief magistrate, desmond nair, is about to announce a decision that will settle the fate of oscar pistorius. he faces trial on a charge of premeditated murder after his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, was shot dead
oscar pistorius intentionally shot his girlfriend. >> it's a move that's likely to anger some in the bay area. why one city says there's a node to hike garbage collection rates for the third time in two years. >> and for the third time this week, we had highs topping off in the low 70s. good evening everybody. but now, we're looking ahead towards rain, the day you should expect it as the news continues on the cw. ,,,,,,,,,, runner' says -- he is numb h shock over his gir >>> the family of the south african track star known as the blade runner says he is numb with shock over his girlfriend's murder. oscar pistorius is still in custody charged with shooting model reeva steenkamp. cbs reporter kelly cob yay yea says the 26-year-old family believes it was a tragic accident. >> reporter: lawyers for oscar pistorius met with him today as did his grandmother at the pretoria police station where he's been held since arrest on valentine's day. speaking on the family's behalf his uncle arnold pistorius. >> our entire family is devastated we are in a state of total shock. >> reporter: the upscale h
evening, lester. oscar pistorius has been in jail here now for four days. tonight, his agent just canceled all of his upcoming races, while the press here has been full of reports quoting police sources about what allegedly happened inside his home early that morning. for oscar pistorius, another day in jail brought visits again from his sister, a local preacher -- >> he was starting to cry, the colonel telling him i come to pray with him. >> reporter: also today his agent. >> the nature of my visit was on a professional matter to discuss obviously his career, especially the plans we had made for this year. also to visit him as a friend and give him my moral support. >> reporter: the press here has been overflowing with every detail they can find, newspapers quote police sources now, saying they believe reeva steencamp was first shot in pistorius' bedroom, then through the bathroom door, that he then apparently broke through to try to help her, that a cricket bat is now considered a key piece of evidence. there is an interview with someone identified as his best friend, saying he got a fra
movie the largest diamond heists in history. a tearful court appearance for oscar pistorius with differing theories on the death of his >> a brazen crime in belgium, armed masked men stole millions in diamonds in the biggest jewelry heists in european history. it happened at the brussels international airport. police say the masked men cut a hole in a security fence, drove on to the tarmac and stole the gems from the hold of a swiss-bound plane and are estimated to be worth $62 million u.s. dollars. investigators found a burned out van believed used bit robbers. the diamonds were on the way to zurich. >> there is another major deadline in washington in just ten days. $85 billion in automatic federal spending cuts will go into effect. president obama this morning put pressure on congressional republicans to come up with a plan saying the cuts result in few are police, firefighters on the streets, reduced military readiness, less border security, and criminals going free because federal prosecutors will have to close cases. >> the cuts are not smart, fair, they will hurt or ec
pistorius. hello. this is al jazeera, live from doha. the bill gary and government resigned en masse -- the bulgarian government resigned en masse. gunfire as families begin to bury their dead in pakistan, but many are continuing their protests. ?s it a balloon, or is it a ufo we meet the next generation of cargo-carrying airships. the olympic and paralympic sprinter, oscar pistorius, is appearing in court for the second day of his bail hearing. toss accusers argue pistorius should face a charge of premeditated near -- prosecutors argued the story is should face a charge of the meditated murder. pistorius says the killing was an accident. our reporter is outside the court in pretoria. more incriminating evidence is coming out against pistorius, one of which is this issue about the trajectory of the bullets that were fired. could you tell us more? >> absolutely. this has all come out as part of the prosecution cost case. they are talking to the lead police investigator -- prosecution's case. they are talking to the lead police investigator. they believe that oscar pistorius had his pr
the area but did not fin the man. >> oscar pistorius is free this morning with reports on where he has settled hours after a judge released the accused girlfriend murder on bail. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. it was a long drawn out process. >> the judge if this case really made oscar pistorius sweat. he rehashed four days' worth of testimony. oscar pistorius broke down more than crying more than once in the two hours and the announcement. oscar pistorius could go free, the bail set at a little more than $112,000. you could hear a pin drop in the courtroom, oscar pistorius, the defense team, prosecutor, and spectators holding their breath waiting. >> i have come to the conclusion that --. >> his father leaned forward to touch him and he sue resolution add small smile. outside the courthouse, quiet joy. because oscar pistorius is charactered with premeditated murder the judge explained he needed exceptional reasons to grant bail but our legal analyst says that is not how it played out. >> when he ruled it seemed that the ruling was simply based on the fact he wasn't a flight r
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